Credit Counseling Columbus Oh

Credit counseling for the Columbus, OH is available for people who

want to reduce their onerous monthly credit card payments. Marion and

Chillicothe residents are also eligible for credit counseling programs

provided that they have never been in a DMP or Debt Management Program

and that they have a certain amount of unsecured debt. Ohio has some

of the highest debt levels in the world and Franklin County has some

of the highest debt in the state. Even though we have the Blue Jackets

and Marble Cliff Quarry Co and other famous landmarks and sports teams

we are not exactly the wealthiest or most prominent city and we carry

a great deal of debt. Luckily there are a number of non profit credit

counseling agencies that service the greater Columbus Metro area and

some of them are very good. The Ohio Statehouse regulates these

agencies along with the federal government and the IRS or Internal

Revenue Service and most of the predatory agencies have been shut down

in the past few years due to an increased focus on consumer protection

within the federal government. Credit counseling programs help to

reduce interest rates on credit card debt and benefit the provider of

the debt because the person who owes on the debt makes an agreement to

make monthly payments towards the debt. Some individuals receive

reductions of interest rates up to 45 percent but a more typical

number is somewhere between ten and twenty percent. The Columbus, OH

area has a great deal of options, but your best bet is to go with a

non-profit company who has no profit incentive and therefore will

charge you less.